Automatic matching of invoices with the underlying contract

Easy Contract is an add-on of our software solution Easy Invoice. The software helps you to keep contracts secure and easily accessible, maximize your savings with proactive contract management, enforce contracts at time of purchase so you get the discounts you negotiated, and improve contract negotiation with suppliers. It also offers the possibility to automatically match incoming invoices tot the corresponding contract.

How does Contract Matching work?

The processing of contract invoices has no surprises. You know what invoice to expect at what time. This is very predictable and therefore very suitable to automate.

Easy Contract offers you the possibility to enter a payment schedule which shows the software which invoices to expect within a certain period of time or within a certain budget. Easy Contract compares the incoming invoices with the corresponding contract (using a unique contract number) ans payment schedule. The software will automatically route matched invoices to your company’s ERP or AP system.

The possibility to set absolute deviations increases de flexibility of the matching process. If there is no match, the invoice will be saved as ‘not matched’. These invoices can be manually checked and approved (or disapproved).

Contractmanagement with contractmatching

Contract Management incl. matching


When interested or in need of any further information about Easy Contract and Contract Matching, please contact us. We would love to help!

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