Webinar ‘Why you should automate your P2P process’

During the time consuming purchase to pay process it is plausible that errors occur along the line. Many companies struggle trying to keep a clear insight in the process. And a clear insight is essential because it helps you to control the process and save time and money in the end!

What about the repetitiveness of the majority of fases in your P2P process? These tasks are not the most challenging to do and their repetitiveness makes it prone to errors. Furthermore how can you approve off an invoice without knowing all the details? What if the purchase was initially not valid to do?

Discover the benefits of automating your P2P process

By automating your P2P process you will be in full control off each and every step of this process. No more unauthorized purchases, because authorization will take place at the beginning of the process.

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On Tuesday, March 3th at 2.30 PM and Thursday, March 5th at 10.00 AM  colleague Bob van Zalingen will discuss the possibilities of automating your purchasing-  and incoming invoice processing process. By means of a demo of the software you will discover how your organisation can work more easy, efficient and (last but not least) without errors.

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