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Hembrug Machine Tools
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Speed of invoice processing increased by 60%

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Speed of invoice processing increased by 60%

Hembrug Machine Tools is a manufacturer of Ultra precision machine lathes. The organization was founded in 1973 and is located in Haarlem since 1982. Hembrug moves mainly on the foreign market with a focus on Europe, but also the USA, Canada and the Far East.

Automated invoice processing

Hembrug wanted a more efficient way of processing invoices. No more invoices getting lost, a decrease in processing time per invoice of 50% and an invoice recognition rate of over 85% whereby duplicate invoices are immediately recognized.

The choice for Easy Systems

To set up the invoice process more efficiently, Hembrug chose to implement the workflow solution Easy Invoice.

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"After comparing several suppliers, Easy Systems was chosen. For us it was important that within Easy Systems the knowledge of our ERP package Isah is present. In addition, the package's ability to do all invoice entries, the pricing and the promised support were decisive."

Paul Koot, Head of Administration

With the implementation of Easy Invoice, Hembrug's invoice processing has become automated, auditable and insightful.

Experiences so far

The goals Hembrug had set beforehand have been amply met. After implementation of Easy Invoice, invoice booking is fast and efficient:

  • Speed of invoice processing has increased by 60%;
  • Invoices are 95% correctly read in;
  • No more lost invoices, and the physical distribution and storage of invoices is no longer an issue;
  • There is a better overview per supplier with the relevant invoices added directly;
  • When assessing the invoices, specific attention is paid to invoices with discrepancies.

In addition, the entire process has become transparent and controllable, resulting in significantly fewer errors.

Interface with Isah

A special feature of this case is that Hembrug uses the ERP environment Isah. Isah is an ERP system used by several organizations, especially in the manufacturing industry. Easy Systems is product partner of Isah and is the only one offering a standard interface with Isah. An important requirement for Hembrug.

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