Contract management
instant access to all contracts

Easy Contract is an easy to use, cloud based, management tool which enables you
to access and manage your contracts from anywhere.

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Easily automate your contract management

Take control of your contracts. Store all of your agreements in one searchable, scalable, secure contract repository. Easy Contract improves your contract visibility, allowing you to stay organized, minimize risk, and reduce costs.

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Increase contract visibility and control

All your contracts in one secure repository. Stay updated on every aspect of all your contracts with custom reports.


Automate management

Save time and money through a more efficient process. Never miss another important contract date with unlimited notifications.

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Minimize risks

Stay ahead of you obligations, and never miss another renewal with automated reminders.

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The next step after Excel

Besides the challenge of monitoring deadlines, one of the biggest problems in contract management is locating contracts. Did you print and archive a contract, did you store it somewhere on your pc or did you hand it over to your secretary? In a time where digitalization is the norm, managing your contracts should not be left out of the process.

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Are you done struggling with Excel and do you want more contract visibility and control, minimizing your risk? Easy Systems offers an efficient and user-friendly contract management solution.

"Struggling in Excel is in the past"

ROTO about Contract Management software

Tom van Lindert, CFO of ROTO, talks about contract management in Excel versus contract management software: "Contract visibility was, partly due to Excel, often incomplete or fragmented. The use of a contract management system, resolves this. Especially from a management point of view having more visibility and control is really important."

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Who is our Contract management software for?

Whether you are looking for a more efficient way of managing contracts, a tool to gain more control and insight into supplier agreements or a better risk management, a solution that excels in simplicity makes everyone happy.


For Finance

More control, insight and contract visibility. Reduce the financial risks for your organisation!


For Purchasing

More insight into and control over the contractual agreements made with suppliers.


Facilities, Sales or HR

Contract management also offers the necessary benefits for these departments.

Role based security

Ensure security and flexibility by managing roles and permissions. This feature ensures that exactly the right person has access to each document.

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Clear contract visibility and insight

Our cloud-based contract repository allows you to access your contracts anytime and anywhere. With our reporting tool you can quickly generate contract reports based on the criteria you choose.


User-friendly way of adding contracts

Easy Contract gives you the power to take control of your contracts. Easily drag and drop your files to store all of your agreements in one searchable, scalable, secure contract repository.


Proactive monitoring with notification management

Using automated reminders you will stay ahead of your obligations, and never miss another renewal. Notifications are both visible within the software and send by email.

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Contract management software: the benefits

What is contract management?

Contract management has several definitions. We use the following:

The process in which contract agreements are clearly, transparently and verifiably (centrally) stored, managed and monitored, with the possibility of actively managing them. 

Contract management is the way in which you professionally manage and monitor all contracts within your organization (digitally) and prevent value from 'leaking' from a contract.

For companies, contracts ensure a constant supply of goods and services. However, sometimes contracts can be a burden and one of the most important cost factor in your company. It is therefore important to handle this with care. Contract management can be the solution.

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