Expense Management
Obtain better visibility and control

With Easy Expense, employees can easily enter expense claims using both a web browser or mobile phone. Making managing expenses easy.

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Making Expense Management easy

Every organization has employee expenses. In many organizations this is a labour-intensive and largely manual process. Automate your expense process with Easy Expense and obtain better visibility and control of your expenses.


Save time

Add and submit general and mileage expenses on the go using your mobile.


Complete control

Gain complete control by real-time data on company spending.


Happy employees

Enables fast and accurate expense reimbursement for happy employees

Automate your expense process

Like every organization you probably have to deal with expenses of your employees. Tracking, monitoring and processing these expense claims often take up a lot of time. Your employees keep track of their costs in (for example) Excel, print the file and then add the receipts. Next, their manager has to sign off the expenses for approval. Once approved, the data has to be entered into the financial system. Where, finally, the payment can be made. Sounds familiar?

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Expenses easily entered and properly controlled

A more effective strategy is managing all expense claims in an automated expense management system. Easy Expense automates your expense process. Saving you time, trouble and saving up to 50% on costs of expense processing.

Easy Expense is an easy to use application for creating, processing and approving all expense reports. Easy Expense offers fast and efficient expense processing, giving your employees real-time insight into the status of the expense claim submitted by them.

"Speed is the first thing you notice"

Thøre Gericke, IT & Reporting Manager at Pont Europe and Controller at Pont Packaging shares what the Expense Management software has brought him. "Where we previously lagged a month behind, processing now takes place within a few days. Besides faster it is also cheaper. Before all the expense reports were sent by post from abroad, which could takes several days to weeks. We're happy to never go back to the folded and stapled, illegible receipts."

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Expense Management - a quick glance

Capture and submit - Easy Expense makes it easy

Take a picture using the expense app or upload your receipt. The OCR technology captures the data on your expense, making submitting your expense claims super easy. 

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Claim your mileage using our Google Maps integration 

Use our origin and destination Google Maps tool to work out miles travelled and claim your mileage in seconds.


Match creditcard payments with the right receipts

Users have an actual view on their credit cards transactions and are be able to match up their receipts immediately. Leaving you with real-time data on company spending.

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Expense Management software for everyone

It doesn't matter if you're the one who submits, approves or processes expenses. Easy Expense brings happiness to everyone on the team. 


For employees


For managers


For finance