Send your invoices efficiently in a secure way

We connect with the European e-invoicing network (PEPPOL), making e-invoicing available to everyone. Sending and receiving e-invoices has never been easier.

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Sending and receiving e-invoices had never been easier!

Electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) is the exchange of an invoice document between a supplier and a buyer in an integrated electronic format. This is not the same as sending and/or receiving digital (PDF) invoices. An e-invoice is a standardized data file which can be processed by your ERP or financial system without the use of OCR software.

As a bonus, eliminating paper and physical distribution will save costs as well as the environment.


Reduces risk of fraud

Strict requirements for registration and certification means less risk of fraud.

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Increased efficiency

E-invoicing saves time and minimizes (manual) errors.


Increased visibility

Standardized data exchange means real-time insight and better data interpretation.

Easy Exchange offers you access tot the PEPPOL network

Our e-invoicing application enables you to send and/or receive your invoices electronically. It can manage the trafficking of all your invoices, regardless of the file format (PDF, XML, UBL) and delivery method (email, FTP, HUB).

Easy Exchange can be seen as a Billing Service Provicer and offers secured access to the European E-invoicing Network (PEPPOL). When connected to this network you’ll have instant access to all the other European organizations who are connected.

PEPPOL (‘Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is a network which allows public bodies and suppliers to trade e-invoices (and other electronic documents) easily and cost-effectively. Every country in Europe has its own access point which offer access to the network. In the Netherlands the access point is managed by NPa (Nederlandse Peppolauthoriteit). Easy Exchange connects you to this access point.


Electronic sending and receiving of invoices

This means you will be able to both send ánd receive (secured) electronic invoices. Easy Exchange takes care of all your incoming ánd outgoing invoices. Whether they are send by e-mail or through the PEPPOL network. No matter the file format, Easy Exchange converts the file into the format used by your (or your customers) ERP or financial software system.

By implementing Easy Exchange in your organization you will gain more control and insight over your outgoing and incoming cash flows, enabling you to optimize both your purchase to pay and order to cash process.

Software partners

Would you like to know whether your software is able to send and/or receive e-invoices? The partners below use our PEPPOL Access Point. If your supplier is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Become a partner

E-invoicing for everyone

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For Software Suppliers

Connect your customers with the PEPPOL Network using the Easy Exchange Access Point.

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For Businesses

Realize higher efficiency and cost savings  processing electronic invoices.


For Governments

Better and faster service to customers and suppliers and a high degree of security.

E-invoicing with PEPPOL

Sending e-invoices through PEPPOL can be compared with using a telecom network. Once connected to a provider, for example Vodafone, all other people on the telecom network (regardless of which provider) are available to you. Provided you have the phone number. This is similar to how PEPPOL operates. Anyone can access the network via a PEPPOL provider (Access Point). Once connected you can exchange invoices with customers and suppliers who are also connected to the network. All you need is a Chamber of Commerce (or OIN in the case of governments) number to find/reach the organization in question.

We offer you access to the PEPPOL network with our certified Access Point. This allows you to easily, safely and quickly exchange invoices with other connected organizations.

The e-invoicing process

Below you will find a schematic representation of what e-invoicing using the PEPPOL network looks like. On the left you can see how the invoices generated by your ERP / financial system are converted into the required PEPPOL format by the Easy Exchange Connector. The invoices are then sent to your customer via our Access Point over the PEPPOL network. There, the PEPPOL invoice is processed directly in your customer's ERP / financial system. If your customer's system is not yet able to process PEPPOL invoices, Easy Exchange can convert the PEPPOL invoice to a format that can be processed by your customer's system.

Easy Exchange - E-invoicing

Would you like to know more about how to get started with e-invoicing, or would you like more information about sending or receiving e-invoices? Please contact us.

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The Benefits of e-invoicing through PEPPOL

  • Once connected with PEPPOL through an Access Point, you can exchange documents with everyone else in the entire network;
  • Our certified Access Point offers you secured access to the European e-invoicing network (PEPPOL);
  • Reduced costs;
  • Easier procurement process;
  • Immediate access to all organizations connected to the PEPPOL network. Creating more commercial opportunities;
  • Organizations are easily accessible. All connected organizations are registered in the network based on an unique identification number. For example; the Chamber of Commerce or VAT number. These numbers can be used by your supplier to reach you;
  • Because of this type of registration you are always sure who the sender of the invoice is. This means no more fake invoices;
  • All the data send over the PEPPOL network is encrypted. This ensures save communication and leaves no room for any altering of the documents being send.

Benefits of Easy Exchange

  • E-invoicing no matter the file format;
  • No drastic adjustments needed on your current software systems;
  • Easy Exchange ‘speaks’ all e-invoicing languages. It makes sure all invoices are converted to the file format your or your customers software system can process.

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