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Did you ever forget to cancel a contract in time, resulting in an automatic renewal? This can be a missed opportunity to (re)negotiate the conditions. If you intended to terminate the contract but you’re to late, the contract usually gets extended, which will cost you extra money.

Besides the challenge of monitoring the deadlines, on of the biggest problems is finding the contracts. Did you get it printed and archived, did you store it somewhere on your pc or did you hande it over to your secretary? In a time where digitalisation is the norm, managing your contracts should not be left out of the process.

Easy Systems offers an easy solution for digital contract management.

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Contract Management with Easy Contract

Purchasing contracts are one of your most important tools for cost-effectively conducting business with your suppliers. Easy Systems offers you Easy Contract, a contract management system which helps you to keep contracts secure and easily accessible, maximize your savings with proactive contract management, enforce contracts at time of purchase so you get the discounts you negotiated, and improve contract negotiation with suppliers.

Easy Contract can be fully intergrated in Easy Invoice. This way all invoices can be matched to the corresponding contract.

Contract Matching

Easy Contract also offers the possibility of contract matching. Incoming invoices will be automatically (or manually) matched tot the corresponding contract. Read more about this functionality on our Contract Matching page.

Easy Contract management process


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Advantages of contract management

Author your contracts in a central location and seamlessly enforce contract prices and terms to realize savings you’ve negotiated.

  • Central storage. It’s like Dropbox for all of your contracts, with secure access so people will only see what they’re supposed to see.
  • Realize cost savings with proactive contract management and contract enforcement at the time of purchase so you get the discounts you negotiated.
  • Renew on time. Receive automatic email alerts when a contract expires, so you’ll always renew contracts on time.
  • Gain visibility. Provide visibility into purchase orders, spend, and total savings over a contract’s lifetime.


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