Automate your expense process

Like every organization you probably have to deal with expenses of your employees. Tracking, monitoring and processing these expense claims often take up a lot of time. Your employees keep track of their costs in (for example) Excel, print the file and then add the receipts. Next, their manager has to sign off the expenses for approval.

Once approved, the data has to be entered into the financial system. Finally the payment can be made. Sounds familiar?

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Expenses easily entered and properly controlled

A more effective strategy is managing all expense claims in an automated expense management system. Easy Expense automates your expense process. Saving you time, trouble and saving up to 50% on costs of expense processing.

Easy Expense is a web-based application for creating, processing and approving all expense reports. Easy Expense offers fast and efficient expense processing, giving your employees real-time insight into the status of the expense claim submitted by them.

The expense management process

Easy Systems

Expense management in 5 easy steps

Download the PDF to learn more about Easy Expense.

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Easy Expense – Easy to use

An employee can simply enter a new expense using a web browser or mobile phone. Just take a photo of the receipt with your smartphone and add it to the entered expense. This expense report is then sent to your workflow application (for example Easy Invoice).

Easy Expense offers several possibilities to automatically link paper receipts to the expense report. In your workflow application the digital expense report will be treated and processed as an invoice. By using your workflow application the expense report will (automatically) be send to the assigned budget holders.

After approval the expense report will be forwarded to your financial system and paid out to the employee.

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The benefits of Easy Expense management

  • Electronic capture;
  • User friendly entering of expense reports;
  • Higher employee satisfaction through faster payout;
  • More efficient process with shorter lead times;
  • Real-time insight into the entire process;
  • Visibility to all spend;
  • Easy retrieval of expense reports by electronic archiving;
  • The expense reports are processed as an invoice in your workflow application (for example Easy Invoice).


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