Increase insight and control over your purchases

Wouldn’t it be great to deliver an accurate and up to date overview of all your companies financial obligations at any given time? Easy Systems offers a solution which digitizes all purchase request and approvals and registers the received goods.

By registering all purchases within Easy Purchase, you’ll have real time insight into your financial obligations. In addition, Easy Purchase can produce the statistics needed to achieve purchase optimization.

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Purchase Management – Ask permission, not forgiveness!

Give permission before purchase instead of afterwards based on an invoice. This method will always provide you with up-to-date insight into all your purchase obligations. No more surprises in budgets and/or expenses. By managing and controlling all purchase requests within your organisation, you will save on unnecessary expenses.

The process

Purchase process

Purchase management in 5 easy steps

Download the PDF to learn more about Easy Purchase.

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The benefits of Purchase management

  • Fully web-enabled
  • Comply before you buy
  • Faster approval process
  • Real-time insight into all your obligations
  • Adjustable to your business processes
  • Integration with all financial and order systems
  • Better supplier relationships
  • Standard integration templates available
  • Automated process monitoring
  • Personal digital archive
  • Integration with DMS
  • Automatic matching of the purchase invoices

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Easy Purchase and Easy Invoice

Naturally all purchase invoices need to be processed. For a conclusive process it is recommended to connect Easy Invoice to Easy Purchase. This way, all purchase invoices can be processed directly within Easy Invoice.

The purchase related invoices can be automated thru order matching. If an incoming invoice matches a previous approved purchase order, there is no need to approve the invoice again. It is automatically matched to the corresponding purchase order. As a last step the invoice is delivered to your financial system where payment can be made.

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