Scan and Capture
and invoice processing

Realize complete automated invoice processing with our intelligent OCR software
combined with our invoice processing solution, Easy Invoice.

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OCR software

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and takes care of all your labor intensive invoice handling, leaving your mailroom and AP staff free for other tasks. It handles the recognition of both paper and pdf  invoices. Preparation, scanning and data extraction is all handled electronically.
Once processed, invoices are delivered securely to Easy Invoice:

  • All invoices are scanned (automatically from a specific invoice mailbox or manually in the case of paper invoices);
  • The software recognizes the data fields and captures the data within it;
  • All invoices are delivered to Easy Invoice for further processing.

OCR and Invoice Processing

Every organization knows the time-consuming process of manually processing incoming invoices. The registering and archiving of all the invoices is a very labour intensive process. In addition, the risk remains of invoices getting lost or forgotten in the stack of documents on your desk.

There are several ways to automate the input of your invoice processing. The most popular choice is e-invoicing.

If your suppliers are not ready to implement e-invoicing in their organization, OCR software is a good choice to automate the processing of paper and/or pdf invoices.

Our OCR software (Easy Recognition) is a very easy solution for receiving incoming invoices in a structured way. It recognizes and captures the content and exports it, for example, to Easy Invoice or your ERP system.

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The benefits of OCR and Invoice Processing

  • Scanning, recognising and capturing of both paper and digital invoices;
  • There is no need to create templates in advance in order to recognize the data in the invoices;
  • Direct time savings at your accounts payable department;
  • Invoice are automatically linked to the corresponding creditor;
  • Building of a digital archive;
  • Versatile usage for a broad number of applications.

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Scan and Capture; the process


Step 1
The invoices are scanned. Paper invoices are scanned manually, digital invoices (e.g. pdf invoices) are automatically retrieved from an e-mailbox.


Step 2
The invoices are processed by the OCR software for scanning of the data on the invoice. 


Step 3
The scanned invoice data is then mapped directly into Easy Invoice for further processing. 

Our OCR solution; Easy Recognition

Easy Recognition is Easy Systems' OCR solution. There are two options to choose from. You choose whether you want to outsource the scanning and recognition process or keep (parts of) the process under your own management.


Scanning and validation under own management.

You scan paper invoices yourself. Recognition takes place in the cloud and the data is automatically processed to Easy Invoice. This option enables you to keep the scanning and validation under your own management.

As a service 

Outsourcing (parts of) your OCR process.

We take care of your complete scan, recognition and validation process. All your incoming invoices - paper or pdf- will be handled and processed by Easy Systems. 

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